What’s Osteopathy

Osteopathy the connection between your physical structure and the way in which it works!

Osteopathy is based on sound Anatomical Knowledge of the human body and knowing how its works as an integrated system.

Basically we look at how your body is functioning in its present state, when compared to what is regarded as anatomically  normal. Rather than you being considered as a condition, we will look further at your whole structure.

osteopath examines a mans shoulder.
Osteopathic examination of a shoulder joint

We look at poorly functioning  areas that are giving rise to pain or discomfort  or possibly look at areas that don’t seen to be related, and treat those areas to restore the body to normal health and make sure that they stop being painful and work properly.

Osteopathy enhances the body’s built in healing abilities

Osteopathy is a gentle hands on manual therapy,  so we will massage stretch, and manipulate  muscles and joints, to correct the things that have gone wrong and encourage and work with the healing process and enable your body return to normal.

Osteopaths are unlike physiotherapists in that in a visit to an osteopath, you normally receive  hands on physical treatment, as opposed to being shown how to do some exercises! By using hands on methods we can feel how you are responding as a whole as well as constantly feel how the muscles and joints are responding to treatment.

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Committed to helping you lead an active pain free life. we Osteopathic practice providing hands on treatment and support for back pain, neck pain, Hip pain, Nerve, muscle and joint problems. We can help with nutritional help and located are just off of the A31 at Fourmarks, Alton, Hants