Our Osteopaths here to help you

Osteopaths with 27 years of clinical experience

Neil Bird, D.O.,N.D. & Sheree McGregor, D.O.,N.D.

“In His book “Bounce” Matthew Syed states that to become an expert, an individual has to Practice his skills for 10,000 Hours”

We each have over 56160 hours of practice, as we have been qualified for over 27 years. We have successfully treated thousands of people over 27 years of osteopathic practice, enabling them to enjoy their lives more fully. 

In addition to our 27 years of clinical practice we have both completed 4 years full time osteopathic training at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London.

We are both registered with the General Osteopathic Council, which governs strict standards of patient care. Further information can be found on the GoSc website: 

We keep up to date by attending relevant courses throughout the year and have studied a variety of subjects, such as ergonomics, applied Kinesiology and advanced nutrition.

We offer professional and friendly advice, each treatment is unique and tailored to meet the individuals needs. Even though patients usually feel immediate benefit from their initial visit, we try to provide a long term solution to their pain and discomfort. 
You can phone us for an appointment directly, and  we are happy to discuss your condition prior to your appointment.

Willow Osteopaths Our Phone Number is 01420 561247

Committed to helping you lead an active pain free life. we Osteopathic practice providing hands on treatment and support for back pain, neck pain, Hip pain, Nerve, muscle and joint problems. We can help with nutritional help and located are just off of the A31 at Fourmarks, Alton, Hants