your first visit?

At your first visit we need to find out about what’s wrong, about you and your lifestyle. We will ask you about your present condition and what affects it. Then about your past medical history to see if there are relevant points that we need to consider.

You can bring a friend or relative with you if you are happy for them to stay in your consultation.

Following the case history taking we will examine you, looking at the movements that you can and can’t do, tight muscles and posture.

For this you may need to remove some clothing so that we can check the areas affected.

Osteopath is treating a child with manual therapy as parent looks on.

If you are unsure about this please let us know or bring along some loose clothing that you can move freely in.

We may also carry out some orthopaedic tests to reach a diagnosis to tell you what is causing the problem.

Once we have explained this and answered any questions you have, we will with your consent, proceed to treatment. The number of visits depends on what is wrong. We will advise on how many sessions you may need.

So what can I expect as treatment?

We use massage like techniques, ultrasound, stretching, move the joints and where indicated manipulation to free restricted joints.

Treatment is not painful and we will be checking with you all the way for you feedback as to what you are feeling.

After treatment, in the following 48 hours, you may find that you feel a bit achey or stiff, however this usually wears off in a few hours after-which you will then improve and get the benefit of your treatment.

We will give you advice on what will help the problem and some gentle exercises to relieve the problem.

Safe effective treat from us will help you enjoy your life more

Providing Healthy professional treatment for your healthy active lifestyle